Sponsoring the arts in Cambridgeshire – benefits to company and community

Cambridge Open Art Exhibition is run solely by volunteers who work closely with Swavesey Village College to help bring great local art to the community.

The exhibition has been growing in popularity since it started life as a small event at Cottenham Village College over 30 years ago.  

Sponsorship will enable us to continue offering an inspiring and exciting art exhibition for all ages and walks of life. 

Our Beneficiaries

700 Visitors to the 2019 exhibition weekend.

Over 70 Artists enter art work each year. One of our core values is to promote the arts in a totally inclusive way and as such there is no selection process, though the quality of work is always high. 

Swavesey Village College Students (11 to 16 years) help with the set up and running of the event, learn about building and curating an art exhibition and work towards their Arts Award. 


What people say

Brilliant platform for artists that have and don’t have experience exhibiting their work. Always a well organized event with lots of local talent to see". Hannah Veja 2017,
Thoroughly enjoyed the exhibition this weekend. Really inspiring and hope to show there next year". David Nunnery, 2017

Our Reach

  • Online presence through Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and our website
  • Year long virtual carousel of exhibiting artists work
  • Flyers, posters and banners printed and distributed
  • Visitors attend from all over Cambridgeshire and beyond East Anglia
  • Mailing list of 400+ artists
  • 1,250 pupils and 250 staff at the College

Art Across the Community

Would you like to be associated with our art across the community ethos? From sponsorship in the virtual brochure, logo display at the exhibition to inclusion in all PR and advertising, we are open to suggestions for those who wish to support the exhibition.